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5 Common Quantity Fields

Created 2017-03-11

Inventory Management Systems (IMS) usually have multiple fields for counting inventory. The quantities have different meanings and provide a fuller picture of how many items exist than one field can. Here are 5 common inventory quantity fields:

On Hand

This is the quantity that you physically have at your location. They may be in a bin, in a replenishment area, in the receiving staging area, the packing staging area, or the shipping area.


This is the amount of items promised. They may be promised to a customer via the Sales Order process. Or it could be promised to an Assembly via a Work Order process.


Available = On Hand - Allocated. This is what you can sell or use to build.

On Order

The quantity of items that have been sent to a vendor via the Purchase Order process but not yet received.

On Backorder

The quantity customers ordered but your organization was not able to fulfill.

Other fields may include On Loan, In Repair, In Transit.

An item’s quantities might look something like this:

Item Quantity Fields

And here is what it might look like if you have multiple warehouses:

Item Quantity Fields with Multiple Warehouses

Keeping track of these different quantities is obviously more involved then just tracking one number. However, it provides a more complete picture of your inventory quantities.